Water Bed Heater Or Not

Many people swear by the water bed while others still believe that they disappeared with platform shoes. If you have a water bed, you may be wondering whether the water bed heater is truly optional. Sellers of water bed accessories wouldn’t dream of letting you sleep without one, of course, but do you really need it?

To Heat Or Not To Heat

If you have to ask, you may not need one. If your bedroom is usually warm, if your mattress has a good mattress pad, if you don’t mind a cool sleeping surface, then you may be fine. If, however, you are saving on your heating bills by turning down the thermostat, if you live in an area that receives a true winter, if you like to be warm and snuggly at night, then you may find that a water bed heater will pay off for you.

There are several types of water bed heater available. Do your homework to find the best one for your needs. The standard cap and bulb water bed heater use a copper wire filled with ethylene gas. The heater pad goes under the safety liner. The solid state water bed heater has no moving parts. It is a step above the cap and bulb system as it’s more accurate and provides a more efficient heating system because it incorporates a computer chip. You can find a water bed heater with the controls mounted on the side of the mattress or one that allows the controls to be kept under the mattress if you prefer the look.
Hardside and softside mattresses require different heater models. The softside mattress requires a water bed heater with a lower wattage. If your mattress has a soft side, be sure to choose the right heater for it.
You can turn off the water bed heater in the morning or you can buy a heater with a timer and a thermostat. Either way, the cost of the heater is low as long as it’s only used when needed. Efficiency is also boosted by insulating the mattress as much as possible with a good mattress pad and blankets. A water bed heater is better for use with a water bed than an electric blanket because it heats the area most in need of heating. A good electric blanket is, of course, just as safe with a water bed as with a conventional bed. A water bed heater can allow you to lower the nighttime temperature of your home and make heating more efficient.