Selecting A Hot Tub Heater

The term hot tub refers to watertight containers that can hold from three hundred to one thousand gallons of water and allow one to twelve people to bath in it at the same time. The simplest answer to the question why buy a hot tub heater is that it makes the hot tub work best. Whether your hot tub rests inside or outdoors, a hot tub heater allows you to regulate and maintain the temperature of the tub as desired. Not only do heaters for the hot tub facilitate home baths but also add to the joy of spa experience. Given a hot tub heater, you can set the bathtub’s temperature as you like, regardless of the prevailing weather, even when your bathtub is positioned outside.

Kinds Of Hot Tub Heaters

Three main types of hot tub heaters are named after the source of heat they use, i.e. electrical, gas, and wood burning hot tub heaters. Each of these kinds has its advantages and drawbacks. Hence, it is important to know about each kind in comparison with others before selecting a hot tub heater for your home or spa.

Electrical Hot Tub Heaters
The main advantage of electrical hot tub heaters is their ease of use with standard domestic hook-ups of 110/220V. They do not require much additional wiring and can be used anywhere provided that the standard hook-ups are available. In case they get damaged, their repair is easy and their spare parts are available for most models. A prominent feature is that the heating units in these heaters are self-contained, fitted within the hot tub cabinet.
Gas Hot Tub Heaters

Fuelled by natural gas pr propane, a gas hot tub heater comes to be more economical for frequent users of the hot tub in cold season. It can heat up the water more quickly and is more suitable for installing in the in-ground hot tubs. In cabins or in places where electrical supply is not readily available, or is not reliable enough, an external gas propane heater is the best option for keeping the tub hot.

Wood Burning Hot Tub Heaters

While wood burning hot tub heaters are the most economical, their use is restricted to wooden hot tubs only. Cord Wood or coal is the fuel for these heaters and they have proved to be quick and efficient heating devices for water in the tub. They also require low maintenance, and are very easy to regulate. If you use the hot tub occasionally, wood burning heaters are the best to choose.