Saving Money With A Bedroom Heater

It seems like money spent in the summer is spent on fun while money spent in the winter is spent on necessities. If it were possible to spend less winter money, there might be more summer money available. Even those who live in the warmest parts of the world have to budget for winter heating. There are always ways to trim that expenditure a bit.

The Space Heater

Before adding any new heating elements, make sure that all of the existing heating is as efficient as possible. Check for drafts and look into increasing insulation as necessary. A draft barrier around the outside doors might save a few dollars and storm windows can make a difference in most climates.

That said, how can you adjust your heat to do the best job? Timers can be added to your central heating to turn temperatures down when you don’t need it. If there is no one home during the day, set the timer to start warming the house in time to be greeted by a toasty home after work. This only works if there are no pets, of course. During the work week, you may only need a warm living room, bathroom and kitchen for a few hours each evening. One third of your life is spent in bed. Turning down the central heating at night and adding a bedroom heater could make a large saving.

There are many varieties of space or wall heaters that can serve as a bedroom heater. Choose a form of fuel that is economical in your area. Propane or electricity should be good for most. Select one that doesn’t need constant attention. You’ll be asleep for most of its operating hours. Avoid an exposed radiant element for your bedroom heater. One night of open window sleeping could mean curtains blowing across a heating element and a fire. That sort of bedroom heater can’t be used with timers either. You’ll want higher heat as you’re preparing for bed and a timed increase just before the alarm goes off. While you’re under the covers or after you’ve showered and dressed, the heat is less important. The new models of bedroom heater can easily be adjusted for blustery weather, too.

The point is that there is no sense in heating an entire house all night any more than there is any sense in waking to a freezing room. The energy-efficient bedroom heater is the answer to both problems.