Is Aromhuset’s Zero Sugar Raspberry Mix a Cut Above the Rest – Without the Off-taste?

We recently had the pleasure improving our daily hydration by using Aromhuset’s Zero-Sugar Raspberry Soda Syrup, and what a fun twist it was on our daily sparkling water ritual! If you’re seeking to lower your intake of sugar, without sacrificing taste, this syrup concentrate might become your new favourite.


With just a splash of this extremely concentrated syrup into a glass of sparkling water, we turned our regular drink into an exciting, raspberry-flavored treat. It’s extremely easy to create an icy soda that doesn’t give you a ton of calories. Just 5 calories per 100 ml serving, that’s right!

The flavor was delicious as a stand-alone drink but it also was the main ingredient in our cocktail recipes for weekends. The variety of this concentrate stunned us. It’s not just for drinks, but can also add zest to desserts and baked goods. And when they say it’s a small amount goes a long way, they’re actually saying it one bottle of this concentrate is enough to make a whopping 12.5 3 litres of soda.

However, it’s important to take note that the tastes of different people are different. We’ve all found the sweetness aftertaste slightly unpleasant and obtaining it right is crucial as too much syrup will make excessive flavor. Once you have the perfect proportion, it’s smooth sailing to a delicious drinks that are sugar-free.

The Core Summary

If you’re looking to satisfy your thirst for bubbly drinks without the sugar rush take a look at Aromhuset’s Zero sugar Raspberry Soda Syrup A shot.

From its sweet, guilt-free sweetness to its incredible potential, this syrup been a real boost to our beverage game.

A Comprehensive Look at Zero Sugar Raspberry Soda Syrup Concentrate

We were thrilled to taste The Zero Raspberry syrup from Aromhuset that didn’t disappoint. Mixing it up is simple, simply add 40 mls of syrup to 1 litre of fizzy drinking water. The result is a tasty, sugar-free drink that’s refreshing. With no sugar, just the sweet taste of Sucralose, we enjoyed our drinks guilt-free, without worrying about calorie overload; each glass contains just 5 calories!

This syrup is perfect for creating tasty cocktails at the home but is also highly versatile. You can make cocktails in the kitchen, flavoring desserts, even creating homemade Lip balms Zero Raspberry is your ideal flavor enhancer. The price is unbeatable One bottle can provide up to 12.5 litres of beverage. It’s remarkable how small bottles can generate so much enjoyment. Furthermore, for those who are cautious about how much sugar they consume this is a terrific buy. It’s as tasty like the real thing without any setbacks. Because of its natural ingredients and absence of caffeine, it’s perfect for almost anyone, anywhere.

Make Your Own Refreshing Soft Drink

We recently tested Aromhuset’s Zero Raspberry syrup, and it’s an absolute game changer for fans of soda who are keen on crafting their own beverages at home. It’s very simple to turn your regular sparkling water into a delicious raspberry flavored soda. Simply swirl 40 ml of this syrup that is sugar-free into 1 litre of carbonated water, and you’ll be enjoying a refreshing drink that’s both tasty as well as low on calories, which is just 5 calories per 100ml of serving.

Although it’s vegan and diabetic suitable, there’s no sacrifice in flavor. Its raspberry aroma hits you from the moment you take a sip, and it tastes sweet thanks to the Sucralose which is a smart choice given that it’s 600 times sweeter than sugar!

Even though there was a mix of reviews from cusumer reviewers We were pleasantly surprised. If you’re used to colas that are traditional they have a distinct taste It’s a pleasant fruity taste as well as satisfying that thirst for fizzy. On the downside, there were some who noticed the taste rather artificial when mixed properly, but it can be skirted with an experiment.

The variety of uses really impressed us. But it’s certainly not limited to beverages This concentrate can jazz up your desserts or even be used to make lip balms. We’ll talk about value – 500 ml of this mystical potion produces an impressive 12.5 tons of soda, which creates a multitude of bubbly recipes without breaking the bank! In addition, it’s produced in Sweden that is renowned for high-end products, which means you can sip your homemade cocktail with a simple mind.

Amazingly Simple to Make

We couldn’t believe how effortless it was to whip up an refreshing drink using the Zero Raspberry syrup. In a matter of seconds, mixing 40ml of the syrup in 1 litre of sparkling water, we had an amazing raspberry-flavoured drink ready to drink. The taste is sugar-free. just 5 calories per 100ml mug made us feel great about enjoying it without the guilt.

What we were most impressed with was the variety of this syrup. It’s not just for drinks. It’s also excellent in homemade ice creams or as a fun addition to your jams or baked goods. When you consider that one bottle will yield a whopping 12.5 tonnes, we’re forced to admit that the value money is exceptional. It’s also diabetic-friendly and vegan-friendly, so it’s the perfect choice for all of our friends.

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Totally Sugar-Free

When we think of soda, what usually thinks of is the amount of sugar in it. But that’s not the case with the Zero Raspberry. It’s revolutionized our opinions about soft drinks, thanks to its sugar-free formula. It’s impressive how Aromhuset provides a luscious strawberry flavor without a grain of sugar to be seen.

In a world where we are conscious of our sugar consumption and avoiding sugar, we’ve discovered Zero Raspberry to be a guilt-free pleasure. The addition of this syrup to carbonated water will give us the taste of fresh fruit without worrying about added sugars or the negative consequences these can have. It’s refreshing and fresh, and also the fact that it’s naturally sweet makes people feel comfortable about what we’re drinking.

The key is to keep in the back of one’s mind that taste is subjective, and while we revel in the tart and tangy essence, some might think that the absence somewhat unsettling if they’re used to traditional sweet sodas. This sugar-free drink offers a way to stay on top of their sugar intake or searching for a keto-friendly mixer.

A typical soda has 10% sugar. In addition, we’ve added 40 ml concentrate to 1 liter. The concentrate has acidity as well as color and flavoring, making it obvious that there’s nowhere for sugar.

Based on our experience, the Zero Raspberry brightens up any social gathering and is a delicious boost to your daytime. The 500 ml bottle can make up to 12.5 Liters of fizzy beverages It’s not only great for our health but also for our wallets. In fact, Aromhuset’s syrup can be the perfect choice for sugar-free drink enthusiasts.


Multi-Purpose Flavoured, Multi-Purpose Ingredient

We’ve got to hand it at Aromhuset because of their Zero Raspberry syrup concentrate–it’s a real game changer. Imagine you’re looking for a fizzy drink but do not want to consume all that sugar. Get this sugar-free marvel. With just a splash we’re making delightful Raspberry sodas that don’t only make us smile but also aid in our goals for health. And it’s not just for drinks. We’ve tried it in food too–like giving a Raspberry twist to ice-cream and adding flavor to baked goods.

Its real appeal lies in its ability to adapt. Be it enhancing the taste of a cocktail with a delicious mixer or adding a splash of zing to our homemade jams – it’s our favourite secret ingredient. You’ll be surprised how far the 500ml bottle will go into an amazing 12.5 litres of soft drink. It’s also vegan and diabetes-friendly, it’s an all-around great choice for gatherings. As Aromhuset is committed to providing the best top quality, just a few drops of this syrup, and we’re all acquiescent–it’s the flexible MVP in our kitchen.

Unrivalled Value to Money

We’ve been delighted by the power of Aromhuset’s Zero Raspberry soda syrup. Imagine that a single 500 ml bottle transforms into an impressive 12.5 Liters of refreshing sugar-free, refreshing drink. That’s quite a lot of bang for our buck! We’ve discovered that the ease of making drinks at home not just means we don’t have to visit the market, but also cuts the cost per serve dramatically.

While the syrup’s upfront price may cause you think twice, in the end, the savings are undisputed. We mixed beverages of our own and in all honesty, the flavour didn’t make us miss the brand names a bit. With the range of possibilities offered by this concentrate, our culinary experiments did not stop at drinks. We tried our hand with other desserts and treats.

In the event that 30ml is diluted with a one liter of tap water it creates a still drink that is not sweet, but extremely fruity.

When you consider the health-conscious product that is suitable for those with diabetes and provides a vegan product, we’d think the benefits speak for themselves. It’s more than just a drink however, it’s an experience that extends out beyond the cup. While some competitors offer less expensive alternatives, but they generally lack the flexibility and health-friendly mix.

In reality, however, we admit that it’s not all roses. While we all loved the taste, a few felt it was a bit artificial when not mixed precisely to their preferences. In the main component, Zero Raspberry stands out as a top pick to those who are looking for more variety and value from their sugar-free beverage choices.

Benefits and Drawbacks

In the wake of another delicious glass of Aromhuset’s Zero-Sugar Raspberry Soda, we’re keen take a moment to talk about our experiences about this revolutionary concentrate. Let’s explore what sets this product apart from others and what it could improve.


  • Innovative and Exciting Flavors Our experiences have proven that the Zero Raspberry blend offers a fresh and delicious taste that’s wonderful not just in beverages, but also in food items like ice cream or bake goods. This opens up a realm of delightful culinary options.
  • Easy of Use It’s been our experience that this syrup extremely simple to mix. Simply 40 milliliters into a litre of carbonated distilled water, and you’ll be left with an alcoholic beverage that’s ready serve or to up the ante of your cocktail game.
  • Calorie-Conscious If you’re one who are concerned about calories, the promise of a tasty beverage with just 5kcal per 100 ml portion can be a very welcome benefit. It’s sweetened by Sucralose it’s a sugar substitute that ensures that the sweetness remains high with no calorie-related burden.
  • Great Quantity-to-Price Ratio: A little goes an extremely long distance in this syrup. One 500ml bottle can make a whopping 12.5 cubic litres. We’ve found to be unbeatable value, particularly for those who regularly drink fizzy drinks.


  • Taste Intensity: If you are sensitive to sweetness, it’s possible that you need to modify the drink. We don’t follow the recommended guidelines, but it’s sometimes the case that just a bit less syrup balances this drink to our personal taste.
  • Price: This premium brand might perhaps not be the least expensive on the market, however it compensates with its absence of off-tastes and boasting a wonderful flavor.

In our collective cup of tea, the advantages definitely outweigh the cons. The Aromhuset Zero Raspberry syrup is a versatile, easy-to-use and guilt-free option to satisfy your fizzy beverage craving without the sugar crash.

Customer Reviews

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback on Aromhuset’s Zero Sugar Concentrate of Raspberry Soda Syrup, and we’re buzzing to share the news! While reading over a thousand reviews, you can see that there’s a huge love of the flavor. Many of us agreed that it was an enjoyable alternative to the traditional sodas, and it hit that sweet spot with no guilt, and without sugar!

Many customers were shocked find out that Zero soda didn’t contain any sugar, since they initially thought it must have been made with sugar because of the absence of the usual aftertaste that is associated with artificial sweeteners.

It’s certainly not a perfect complement to, say that it’s Diet Coke, but it has a great chance of being close. Some of us think that if you did a blind taste test, you’d have a hard time discerning the contrast. The most important thing is to nail the mix; get it right then you’ll enjoy a smooth sail to an energizing drink. But, as we’re sure some were left with an aftertaste that didn’t go well some even considered the flavor to be a touch synthetic.

Another issue mentioned was its price. Considering that it’s a concentrate, we were looking for a higher value for our bucks. When we mingled it with the recommended ratio, it produced plenty of fizz to keep us returning so it’s an excellent choice in the form of a drink for your gatherings or personal use. Just imagine, 12.5 litres of bubbly strawberry bliss from a single bottle! It’s a popular drink that’s worth trying.


We’ve had a great experience of Aromhuset’s Zero Sugar Raspberry Soda Syrup! It’s a real treat for anyone looking to get our drink on with a refreshingly sweet, yet non-sugar-laden beverage. Our experience has shown that getting the mixture right is vital for enjoying this syrup its fullest. It’s a deliciously versatile drink. You can add a little less depending on whether you prefer your drinks less sweet, just like one of our fellow reviewers. There’s been a lot of discussion about the taste which is as good as brands that have big names, which is quite an impressive achievement for a sugar-free substitute.

However, there are a few drawbacks as most people are not happy with the flavor however one review has mentioned artificial aftertaste. Also, some consumers might feel a cost since it’s somewhat on the high side. Overall, if your looking for that sweet, fizzy punch with no sugar the raspberry soda syrup is definitely worth the hype. Just remember, the secret’s at the bottom of it!

Frequently Answered Questions

Following a few testing sessions and a lot of fun with fizz the team has gathered some information that may quench your curiosity as much that you’re craving a sparkling raspberry. Are you prepared to dig into the frequently asked questions?

What’s a good amount of syrup to use for perfectly fizzed and flavored raspberry drinks?

It’s been a little fun to play with and have found that adding 40 mg of syrup to 1 one litre carbonated water is the best way to get an extremely flavorful and vibrant drink. Make sure to stir gently after pouring in the syrup to create the same taste throughout.

Can I put any brand’s syrup with my SodaStream machine to create a lovely raspberry fizz?

It’s possible! The results of our own tests with different syrups revealed that the machine’s not picky however the taste that comes from Zero Raspberry really makes the sparkle stand out. Make sure that whatever you choose matches with SodaStream. When you are choosing soda concentrates it’s essential to study the label carefully to find out the kind of sweetener that is used and avoid such sweeteners as acesulfame or aspartame, and saccharin.

Do Aromhuset raspberry syrups contain sucralose, a sweetener that can be used to make a guilt-free sip?

Yes, indeed. Zero Raspberry Zero Raspberry is sweetened with Sucralose an ingredient that is derived from sugar but 600 times more potent, this makes it a safe choice for diabetics as much as vegans. Every sip is guilt-free but yet deliciously sweet. an overdose of sugar!

Are the refreshing Grapefruit as well as Pineapple flavors sugar-free when you use SodaStream?

We explored other flavors too, and the Grapefruit and Pineapple maintain that sugar-free promise. Each glass is equally thirst-quenching but with no added sugar.

So, if are you ready to personalize your drink with our Zero Raspberry syrup, go for it and have a blast exactly as we did!