Water Heater Services Keeps Hot Water Flowing

There’s little more frustrating than jumping in the shower and finding no hot water. Keeping your hot water tank efficiently working requires a few simple water heater services that can be performed with calling in an expert.

First, most manufacturers ship new water tanks with the temperature set fairly high. Reducing the thermostat that controls the water temperature to about 115 degrees will help keep your water heater services running longer as well as provide comfortable hot water throughout your house.

About once every month or so you should drain water from the bottom of the tank to remove or reduce the amount of build-up. Opening the drain until the water runs clear is one of the water heater services that can also help reduce operating costs. As materials build up in the tank, it not only reduces the amount of space for water, but also will take longer to heat the water that is in the tank.

A little mechanical aptitude can go a long way in water heater services as a couple of other tips involve fixing leaking faucets and using low-flow showerheads. This will help reduce the amount of work the tank has to do to keep the water hot and the less the tank works, the longer it should last.

Condition Determines Replacement Need

With the number of things that can go wrong with a hot water tank, it’s important to know what to look for to spot trouble before it happens. All hot water tanks, whether gas or electric, are fitted with a pressure relief valve. If you find this valve leaking it’s a sign of potential problems and signals a need for water heater services.

On gas hot water tanks the typical call for water heater services is caused by a faulty thermocouple. This piece is what makes sure the pilot light stays turned on and firing the main burner when the thermostat indicates the water temperature in the tank needs heated. When the thermocouple fails, the pilot light will not stay on.

On electric hot water tanks, thermostat failure is usually the cause of water heater services needs. One of two things happen when the thermostat goes bad. Either the water will not be heated or it will be over heated, causing the pressure valve to bleed off the excess pressure.

While most minor water heater services can be performed by the homeowner, those uncomfortable with performing this type of work, or if the water heater services involves plumbing, gas or electric connections, it may be best to call in a licensed professional.