Maintain Your Spa Heater

The purpose of a home spa is to promote relaxation and wash away your cares. One way it does that is to heat up water to help relax you. Don’t become so relaxed that you miss the warning signs of a spa heater problem. Remember that water and electricity don’t mix well. A small problem can become a big problem is not handled properly.

Begin At The Beginning

Start by installing the spa in the right place in the right way. Don’t install an indoor spa outdoors. Buy the proper spa for the intended use. These days, it’s easy to purchase anything at all online. Many times that means dealing with a trained and experienced person. Often, it means getting a bargain from an auction site where the seller may know everything or nothing at all. Never buy a spa online, whether new or used, unless you are guaranteed to receive the original manual with it. In almost every case the manual will include all warnings and the ways to avoid trouble. Make sure the spa heater is also the original and if not, that the replacement spa heater is exactly the right model.

When it arrives, compare the manual to the merchandise and make sure that all of the parts match the illustrations and part numbers. Be especially cautious with the spa heater and all electrical parts. If you have any questions, check online for pictures of the spa. Install the spa according to directions, of course. If you need to install the spa in an unusual way that isn’t covered by the manual, you may want to call in an electrician just to be sure. Make sure all of the exposed wires are in good condition and the plug is sound. See that the spa heater is in the proper place without signs of wear or burning.

When you first start the spa, make sure it performs according to directions. Slow or inadequate heating can be a sign of trouble. If you have an outdoor spa, perform all of the checks at the beginning of the season. Check for frayed wires, animal damage and water damage. Turn it on each spring and make sure it is working up to snuff. Give the spa heater a test run to see that it still heats as well as always. Investigate any unusual odors. If there are any questions, call the electrician. At the end of the season, pack it up carefully to protect it from the winter stress normal for your area. You can get many years of good, safe use from your spa heater when you follow the manual.