Enjoy An Electric Pool Heater

A swimming pool, whether in ground or above ground, is a big investment. You probably made that investment because you enjoy the pool so much. It’s hard to wait through the nearly warm spring to start using the pool and it’s heartbreak to start packing up the swim gear so early in the fall. One good way to get more from your investment is to install an electric pool heater. Just by increasing the pool’s warmth a few degrees, you can extend swimming season and add hours to every swimming day.

Safe And Efficient

If you don’t have an electric pool heater, you’re probably using solar energy. In other words, you sit around the pool waiting for the sun to warm up the water. With an electric pool heater, you get to decide when the swimming starts. Use the thermostat to keep the water at your preferred temperature. If you like a morning swim, you can get an electric pool heater with a timer to start the warming in time for your early laps. If swimming is an activity you prefer to enjoy after lunch, the time and thermostat save energy in the morning and ensure the best temperature when you are ready to enjoy it. And if you like to watch the sunset in the pool, the thermostat will keep the water as warm as you like well into the night as you wish.

Once the electric pool heater is professionally – and safely – installed, you can decide how to use it. Many heaters use the ambient air to warm the water, using energy to disperse the existing heat rather than creating it. You can save energy by using a solar pool cover to keep the heat in the pool over night. The cover will also keep the cold rain water out. It can take an hour of energy to heat the pool up one degree. Look for corrosive-free metal parts like copper and bronze rather than aluminum. Chlorine can be harmful to some metals. Some types of electric pool heater can double as a spa heater. If you have a spa or hot tub or are thinking of adding one, you might want to look into the versatile type of electric pool heater to avoid having to buy a second heater.

When making your selection, make sure that you choose an electric pool heater that is appropriate for the size of your swimming pool. Have your dealer explain how to install and maintain your heater. Be sure that you understand all of the safety requirements. Water and electricity are not naturally friends. Once you know what to do and how to do it, your biggest job will be to enjoy your pool while your neighbors are still waiting for the morning chill to dissipate.